Building the muscle can cause weight gain since muscle tissue weight increases which weighs even more than fats. This is healthy since your body fat percentage and composition plays a larger role in the health of the body than the total body weight. You can gain the muscle fast and keep healthy by using them more often to make them stronger and bigger. This can be achieved by employing those training techniques that will increase blood supply to the muscles such as sports and exercises.

Depending on your age, sex, lifestyle weight among other factors you can tell the how much weight you need to add to grow bigger. The weight added will not accumulate on your body but it will be burnt during the muscle building training. This saves you time and energy since by trying to build the muscles while eating fewer calories than your body needs will burn already stored food which will make you weak and you are more likely to give up before building your muscles. Prepare yourself by eating healthy food in every meal that will help you attain the required number of calories daily. This will help you build your muscles faster.

Perform strength-training exercises which helps you gain muscle and weight. You can achieve this by training the large muscle groups which include the legs, back and the chest muscles at least once per week. This will start the muscle building process at a very high rate when combined with normal exercises. Within a short period of time your muscles will be big and you are more likely to have put on more weight. As part of your exercises you will need to lift weight. Add your lifting weight progressively as you continue the training. This ensures that the muscle doesn’t complacent and stop growing. As you continue more muscle fibers grow to keep up with the load building more muscle.

You will require more energy each and every day of the training. The fastest way to build muscle would be to provide the nutrients which may not be achieved by daily food. Supplements can help you fill the nutritional gap in case you are not getting enough from your food. There a number of supplements in the market that can help you build the muscle such as whey protein powder which is major source of proteins for muscle building, casein protein which is slowly digested and prevents muscle catabolism, creatinine which increases the amount of energy supplied to the muscles among others.


Best Muscle Building Foods


There is no doubt that most of the people who seek to gain and increase their muscle train extremely hard and fail to give a heck about nutrition. This being the case, they end up achieving little or no results in their bodybuilding programs. Proper nutrition is as important as vigorous training, as far as muscle mass gain and general fitness maintenance is concerned. To get started, the following is a list of what is considered to be the best muscle building foods by health experts worldwide;

Lean Beef

Lean meat is filled with all kinds of things that are conducive to muscle gain. It should therefore be a part of everyday diet, for persons looking to gain more strength in a short time. The good thing about lean meat is that one only needs to take a small portion that will be enough to play a very significant nutrition role in the body. It contains iron, vitamin B, zinc, among others; all of which are very essential in muscle growth. In addition, it provides you with high level amino acids that work very efficiently with insulin to enhance muscle growth.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a very rich source of casein protein, which is pure form. Casein protein is very important as far as the maintenance of muscle is concerned. This is because it takes a very long time to be completely digested in the stomach. It is therefore of great importance for people who have to engage in very long exercise periods. In addition, it has been studied to be a very good source of calcium, vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients.


Eggs contain nine essential amino-acids, high quality protein, vitamin D, and choline and low cholesterol levels. They are not at all harmful to your health, according to various numerous researches. The fact that they are also very affordable makes them one of the best foods you can rely on for a successive muscle gain mission.

Whey Protein

There is definitely a reason as to why whey supplements are among the most popular supplements in the world of bodybuilding: because they are a convenient and fast protein source, available at affordable prices. They are very effective and play a very crucial role in muscle growth. This is why most bodybuilders use whey supplements and foods before, during and after workouts. Whey protein can help in the repair and build up of new muscles in just a matter of short period.



Learn Where To Buy DBOL Pills

DBOL Pills are known for being some of the most popular anabolic steroids out there. Dianabol, more commonly referred to as DBOL or D-BOL, is an extremely popular steroid that is used by a wide number of weight lifters and athletes. This is an oral steroid that is hard to get a hold of, but there are many derivatives of it that are available out on the market right now.

The question pops up of where to buy DBOL, because this steroid is still considered a controlled substance under the law. Getting a doctor’s note is one of the best ways to get this if at all possible, although there might be trainers with medical credentials who are willing to help get an appropriate dbol pills

Generally speaking, in theory DBOL shouldn’t be used solely for enhanced athletic gains, although there are many cases where that seems to be the main function, particularly in follow up recovery to an injury. Being able to buy DBOL as an oral steroid is one way help promote a faster advance in your results while training, and it has been used as a way to help overcome muscle injuries.

One of the important things to remember before buying dbol pills  or any derivative form of it, is that it is a steroid. Just as Human Growth Hormones (HGH) have side effects, just as you have probably heard from so many anti-drug commercials growing up there are health effects to be cautious of.

First, only healthy adult males should use DBOL. An adolescent, older teenager, or female should never use this particular steroid. Next, be careful on dosage because the following side effects can occur:

– Oily skin and acne

– High blood pressure

– High water retention/water weight

– High bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol

– Liver toxin issues

These are all serious and any sign of these side effects should not be ignored. As for finding the best price or value on DBOL steroids, asking other local bodybuilders is one way to go, but any start has to be with a physician in order to get the right prescription, otherwise you’re going to be stopped cold in your tracks.

Talking with local athletes who have gone the same route you want to go is the best way to take care of all your needs, DBOL and otherwise, and get you back to being on top of your game!

Why Anadrol Makes a Good Bodybuilding Aid

Although hard statistics are hard to come by, all indications show that Anadrol is one of the most widely used bodybuilding aids all over the world. That would in turn strongly suggest that it is an ideal bodybuilding aid; otherwise people wouldn’t be using it in such great numbers. And it is from such a background, then, that we sought to understand why Anadrol makes a good bodybuilding aid; so as to warrant such widespread usage. Our findings are what we present here.

Introduction to Anadrol

Before we can venture to understand why Anadrol makes a good bodybuilding, it would make a lot of sense for us to first gain a basic understanding of what Anadrol actually is.

Anadrol, as it turn out, is anabolic steroid. More specifically, it is an androgenic anabolic steroid. It works by raising the levels of male hormones (androgens) like testosterone; thence inducing in the body the considerable benefits associated with higher levels of androgens.
Anadrol and its muscle building effect

One of the said benefits associated with higher levels of androgens is that of greater body muscle mass. It is almost always possible to gauge a man’s androgen levels by having a look at their muscles, especially on sites such as the biceps. This probably explains why it is a common sight to see pubescent boys comparing their biceps.

Therefore inasmuch as Anadrol raises the androgen levels in the body, it increases the body muscle mass; which is exactly what the people engaged in bodybuilding are after.

Anadrol and its overall body building effect

Beyond simple muscle build up, another benefit associated with Anadrol usage is build up of the body at large; to give the user that highly desirable masculine stature. This is mainly as a result of the androgen-level elevation effect it has; which in turn causes greater nitrogen retention in the body. Nitrogen, as we all know, is one of the most important ingredients for protein synthesis – with the proteins being the building blocks with which the body is built.

Anadrol’s Advantage, as a body building aid

Anadrol’s efficacy as a bodybuilding aid therefore comes from the two qualities outlined above; namely its muscle enhancement effect and its overall body building effect.

But beyond that basic efficacy, which it shares with a number of other anabolic steroids anyway, Anadrol does come with one distinct advantage which makes it a particularly good bodybuilding aid – and explains its popularity in bodybuilding circles.

Anadrol’s Fast action

Fast action (and the subsequent fast delivery of results) is the name of that distinct advantage that sets Anadrol apart from the pack, and makes it very popular as far as bodybuilding steroid aids go.
It has been observed that most people who get to use Anadrol with a view to build up muscles end up with visibly notable muscular growth within as short as a couple of weeks of initiating usage. This is highly attractive to most people who seek its help in their bodybuilding ventures, seeing that one of the main reasons they enlist the help of a steroid is in search of faster muscular (and general bodily) growth. And in as much as Anadrol delivers exactly such fast muscular growth it would be, in many user’s view, the ideal bodybuilding aid.

Bee Pollen and Fertility


Just imagine if there were a way, one answer that would solve the infertility problems of the world. Many women have been discouraged by the borage of problems that they were faced with concerning fertility and trying to conceive. The stress alone of trying to conceive can make one give up and give in, but there may be new evidence supporting that bee pollen and fertility go hand in hand.

Bee Pollen and Reproductive Health

bee-pollen800There have been many studies that support the idea that bee pollen is helpful in strengthening the reproductive system in women, and increase the sperm count in men.

There was also evidence that bee pollen helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS which many women are grateful for.

There are many stories that you can find online that give way to strong evidence that many doctors may dispute, but the truth is the truth.

Women who were frustrated and had tried multiple things put their fertility into the hands of an all natural supplement with great success, and that supplement is bee pollen.

There is no doubt that bee pollen and fertility are closely related!

Bee Pollen’s Ingredients Support the Hype

Bee pollen is truly a super food in that it is loaded with vitamins and minerals of all kinds. There is no dispute that the body needs these vitamins and minerals, and these same ingredients would certainly support a healthy pregnancy.

Bee pollen is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, all of which are essential to good health. Bee pollen also contains high amounts of folic acid and B 12 which are essential to fertility and a healthy reproductive system.

laughing baby playing with mother

There is also some evidence that these vitamins and minerals could potentially prevent defects in the neural tubes, which is why folic acid is one of the foremost ingredients in prenatal vitamins.

Bee pollen is certainly not advertised as a cure all, but by those who promote using natural supplementation are certainly all for using bee pollen for many different things.

Bee pollen has been noted as a great nutritional supplement because it is loaded with protein which is good for the diet and overall health, amino acids, hormones, enzymes, good fats, and it is also known for its antifungal properties.

Those who have suffered from yeast infections, hormonal imbalance, and obesity have all been able to benefit in some way from using bee pollen.

These nutrients listed in bee pollen are numerous, and there isn’t quite enough room to discuss all of them here, but the point is that these things we are talking about are all good for fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

These vitamins, minerals, and amino acids all play a role in some way, contributing to the overall effort toward conception and carrying a baby in the healthiest environment possible.

Bee Pollen and Sperm Count

downloadInfertility problems can arise in both men and women, and many times this gets overlooked, leaving women to deal with most of the stress when it comes to conception.

The stress isn’t just an inward problem, but one that also lays in the way that people around the couple act, the things that are said, and the expensive procedures and drugs that doctors often recommend.

There are many naturopathic physicians that have recommended bee pollen for both men and women over the last ten years to help with fertility, with promising results.

Men who have low sperm count can benefit from using bee pollen on a regular basis, whether they use granules or capsules it is simply a matter of personal preference.

Although it only takes one, there are millions of sperm that never quite make it to the point of fertilization, and with a little help from nature there is hope!

The interesting thing about bee pollen is that it not only helps increase sperm count naturally, but it also helps to safeguard the prostate gland.

Keeping the prostate healthy is another highly regarded secret to a healthy sperm count, so with bee pollen there are multiple benefits for both men and women.

Avoid Bee Pollen from Countries With High Pollution

honey-daisys-238043To get the best results, men and women alike should avoid buying bee pollen from countries that have high rates of pollution. This would include China, and sadly the USA among many others due to the high level of factories.

The pollution from factories and the use of pesticides will nearly kill the chances of anyone buying healthy bee pollen, which in turn could not only make one sick, but it could also reduce the effectiveness of the bee pollen.

The bee pollen with the highest potency is collected in New Zealand, because New Zealand has the lowest rate of pollution of any country in the world.

Organic farming is also the only standard in New Zealand, which means that no pesticides are being used on the plants there. Those who wish to use bee pollen for any reason including increasing fertility should consider buying their bee pollen from New Zealand.

With the use of the internet, getting access to the purest bee pollen is easier than ever.

You can now get access to pure bee pollen when you purchase the Xtend-Life brand, which is collected and manufactured right in New Zealand.

Those who buy their bee pollen through Xtend-Life will reap the great benefits of this healing supplement, and will reap the benefits through strong fertility and a healthy pregnancy.

In conclusion, when other methods fail it wouldn’t hurt to try bee pollen. The only thing that really matters is that you do what you think is necessary to help you achieve your dreams.

There are plenty of men and women out there who can share their bee baby stories with you!

Featured Bee Pollen

beeOne company, which I personally use as mentioned above – that produces a top of the range bee pollen product is Xtend-Life natural products from New Zealand.

Xtend-Life is known to have one of the strictest regulatory environments in the world, far exceeding U.S FDA standards.

Because of this reason – you can be sure that the bee pollen capsules you purchase from this company are manufactured to the strictest standards, free from harmful contaminants.

The supplements ingredients are sourced from the untouched environment of New Zealand, which is of course free from contaminants.

We all know New Zealand as a pristine paradise, as they produce the best natural supplements you will find anywhere in the world – due to the beautiful nature of the country.